Various Tactics in Razz Poker

These players don't have a choice and will automatically invest a small amount of money before being dealt the cards, and in most cases this money will be lost. Although not many players know how to steal blinds, by having a good position at the poker table they can take advantage of their opponent’s lack of information and make a move against them.

Those who read the articles at when playing razz know that the strength of the starting hand is extremely important and will limit the number of hands played. Since it is so difficult to win when you start with a weak hand, many prefer to lay down their hands and wait for better cards to be dealt. Stealing blinds from late position is relatively easy, but the true challenge is to protect your own investment while stealing the big or small blind.

These battles of the blinds can sometimes grow out of proportions when none of the players is willing to give up and responds to the opponent’s aggression. When no other player has put money into the pot, the small blind has the first chance of making an attempt to steal the big blind. If he doesn't act, the latter will get his chance to do the same and usually the first who acts get away with the blinds.