Badugi Poker and Patience

In the early stages, this enthusiasm is enough to keep players wired and they spend a lot of time trying to improve their game both at the poker table and away. They start reading Badugi facts and strategies at websites such as and then try to implement their newfound skills, in real life conditions.

While their attitude is correct and will push their progress into overdrive, it is important to keep a balance between the time spent playing or learning about Badugi, and other activities. Long poker sessions are not advisable, because without even noticing we start playing worse after a couple of hours due to lack of concentration. It is not recommended to play after a long day’s work, so if you are hell-bent on improving your badugi skills even when tired, at least channel your energy towards theoretical training.

To extract the most from the time spent playing Badugi, think about the opponents you are targeting and make your schedule accordingly. For example if you want to face Americans, the right thing to do is to get plenty of rest and join the tables when they return from work, are tired or have played for many hours already. Weekends can also turn into profitable sessions, because casual players sometimes like to enjoy their favorite game after having a few drinks.

Don’t set the bar too high

A common misconception is that the vast majority of Badugi players are weak, because the game is new and they didn't have time to hone their skills. While every game of poker has its fair share of beginners, this innovative one has been around for more than a decade and there are sufficient informative sources for those willing who broaden their horizon. Take for example, a website that goes to great lengths to explain not only the rules but also lucrative strategy for Badugi.

Having said this, players should take advantage of the fact that Badugi is not a fully fledged game of poker, and try to stand out from the crowd without underestimating opponents. In terms of bankroll management the same rules that apply to Texas hold them and Omaha should be enforced, and players should accept occasion the losses. In the great scheme of things, a losing session doesn't matter but trying to break even each time you sit down at a Badugi table is a mistake with long-term consequences.

Since Badugi is a draw poker variant, there is a very real threat for the losses to pile up if you try to play aggressively to offset losses. With three betting rounds and just as many draws, a mistake can trigger a string of errors, turning a slightly unsuccessful poker session into a disaster. Even if you feel that you are better than your opponents, don't set the bar too high by accepting nothing less than profitable sessions.