Mastering HORSE Poker

The fact that players will enjoy five distinct games that follow one after another, and get the chance to alternate play styles is thrilling. On the other hand, due to the complexity of the games and the fact that it is impossible to be just as good at all of them, some end up playing on scared money and fail to reach their full potential.

What happens with many HORSE players is that they master one or two games and hope that the profits they make while playing these types of poker, will offset the losses suffered in the other three. The similarities between Texas hold them and Omaha but also their high popularity explains why most HORSE players begin by playing the aforementioned games. There are of course players who dedicate all their time to playing seven card stud and seven card stud hi-low, and these are particularly dangerous.

With the game of HORSE being all about diversity and unpredictability, many gamblers are attracted by it and assume that their enthusiasm alone will compensate the lack of experience. Those who are ready to make these giant leaps forward and depart from their game of choice to take on the HORSE challenges, should do themselves a favor and start by doing some research at

Horse of a different color

Many players get ahead of themselves and being on a constant search for adrenaline, they change their current game for a more challenging one. Naturally, many find Omaha more exciting if they play Texas hold 'em, or the other way around, and some are even tempted by the promise of experiencing an entirely different game such as Seven Card Stud. Making the transition from one to another can be fairly demanding, because the differences between the games are more significant than the similarities.

Ideally, players should focus on mastering their current game before even considering switching to HORSE, which is a combination of five different types of games. When sitting down at a HORSE table, players need to be ready to play in a relatively quick sequence Texas hold 'em, Omaha, Razz, Seven Card Stud and Seven Card Stud High-Low. To understand the complexity of the game and the challenges that will inevitably arise, prospective players should check out

The articles are well-written and aimed at providing beginners with answers, so that they are brand-new experience is a pleasant one. Given the complexity of the five games, and the fact that they are all played in a single session, many of those who make the first steps at a HORSE table end up losing their stacks. There is no shame in competing for play money before you get a better grip on this form of poker.