Badugi Poker Strategy

Whether you play Texas hold them, Omaha or the original game of Badugi, the goal remains the same and this is to outshine your opponents. In order to do this you need to know them well enough, so that your plays are based on a correct read and not simply intuition and luck. The sooner you understand whom you are dealing with, the easier it will be to make the right play and some conclusions can be drawn as soon as your opponents sit down.

The name of the player is sometimes relevant and in some rare cases it can paint a fairly accurate picture about your opponent. While you can't include a player into one category or another simply based on the name he chose, this hint should be regarded as an additional piece of the puzzle. Something more concrete is the amount he uses when sitting down at the table, because short stackers are usually very tight and wait for an opportunity to double up.

If you notice such a opponent who doesn't rebuy to max but keeps the minimum amount accepted, you should probably take extra precautions when entering pots with him. You can also single out a player that is tight as a rock, if you notice that he chooses to wait for the big blind, instead of posting the BB + SB. By using all these tips in addition to the advice available at, your chances of winning at Badugi are increased.

Venture into uncharted territory

If you find no limit hold’em no longer satisfying or want to experience something new, consider playing Badugi. This is a type of draw poker that resembles both triple draw and lowball, but with a play style that is very similar to traditional poker. The difference resides in the fact that players need just four cards to complete a hand, and there are three betting rounds and just as many draws. With no straight or flush and the ace counting as one, the best hand in Badugi is the A-2-3-4 of different suits.

There is no better way of starting this brand-new experience than by visiting a website that shares some interesting facts about the game Since it has many similarities with traditional poker and even Texas hold them, those who have some experience with the aforesaid games will find Badugi fairly easy to pickup. Mastering the game is more complicated but some of the core rules that govern other games of poker still apply.

It is still essential to have a bankroll meant to be used exclusively for Badugi, so that potential losses won't affect your lifestyle. Playing on scared money is just as risky as ever, and so is playing at limits that are above your payroll, because this would prevent you from making the right decisions. Strategy plays a significant role in Badugi and the draws are very important, because these are the ones that can change everything even in the late stages of the game.

Understand the rules and strategies of Badugi online poker: