Online Badugi Poker

Things change dramatically when they go through a rough patch, and many lose focus and express their frustration in the chat room or go directly on tilt. When you encounter players that complain about how unfair the game is, or even blame the poker company for rigging the tables, you should keep an eye on them. Some lose control of their game quickly and go on tilt, which makes them sitting ducks for the ones who are ready to act against them. On the other hand, there are players who start explaining their opponent why they lost, some using lame excuses others presenting some solid arguments.

All of them are making a mistake by showcasing their feelings, and the comments only tell other players how knowledgeable or inexperienced they are. If you took the time to conduct research and visit websites such as before sitting down at the table, you would probably be tempted to criticize others for their weak plays. Don't give in to temptation and try to overcome the tough moment without showing any emotion, just as you would do if you were playing in a regular casino.

There are better things to do than chatting

For those who used to play a lot of poker in traditional casinos, the transition to online poker is exciting but they miss the socializing. Due to the fact that the frequency of hands is much slower at a real poker table, there is a lot of time for conversation especially with very few things to do. On the other hand, when you start playing Badugi online you have so many things to focus on that chatting should be the last thing on your list.

Players regardless of skill find it tempting to interact with their opponents, especially after a big hand is played. Assuming that you've picked up the basics and don't fancy the idea of multi-tabling, there are still better things to do than chatting and one option would be to conduct research. You don't actually have the time to study strategies, but the information available at is useful without being overwhelming.

There are solid reasons for why chatting is counterproductive, and the main one is that you risk giving out valuable information about yourself. Even if the subjects are light and you refrain from explaining hands or criticizing specific plays, a savvy Badugi player will pick up on the vibes. On the other hand, monitoring the chat window is a wise thing to do because you can learn a lot from simply watching what other people are saying. Use their eagerness to chat against them and cash in on their lack of focus.

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