Short Stackers and Regular Players in Razz Poker

Short stackers and regular players in razz poker Short stackers and regular players in razz poker

The reason for why this strategy is equally effective in Omaha, Texas hold'em and Razz is that you need just a simple set of rules to follow to be successful. While this is not the strategy advertised at the website contains useful information about how to outplay these opponents.

First of all, you need to free yourself of any prejudice against these players and don't underestimate them simply because they have a short stack in front of them. Some of them are good poker players who prefer to keep it simple and minimize the potential losses even in a fixed limit games such as Razz. It is only fair to say that the number of short stackers is considerably lower at a razz table than in any no limit game, but they still use the same guiding principles.

The end goal is to get the opponent pot committed as quickly as possible, by putting all of their weight behind the short stack. If many players enter a pot it will rise it enough to allow them to make a sizable bet pre-flop and from that point onwards they never lose the initiative. A good short stacker will immediately leave the table after he doubles up, so if you stumble upon ones that keep playing after winning an all in, this is a clear indication that you are competing against a beginner.

Even regulars have weak spots

Not everyone plays poker for a living, and there are plenty of beginners at online tables, but you need to be able of making the difference between them. In theory it is enough to avoid playing against regulars while focusing your attention on fish, but in practice you will stumble upon experienced ones more often than the others. One way of dealing with the competition is to shift from the more popular Texas hold 'em to razz poker, which is gaining a lot of traction and acts as a magnet for rookies.

Since the rules are slightly different and the weakest hand is the one that will win most pots, Razz presents a unique set of challenges for beginners. Even though and similar websites meet rookies halfway with informative articles, not all of them take advantage of these free sources of information. Many prefer to learn the hard way and jump headfirst into shark infested waters, so you have many opportunities of stripping them of their cash.

Most of the time though you’ll be playing against regulars and these guys are a force to be reckoned with, but not an elitist group that can't be defeated. Many of them are tight aggressive players who know that in order to be successful in razz you need to tighten up, but they lack an in-depth understanding of this game. Against them you need to switch gears frequently and challenge them when they go on autopilot, by playing position, defending blinds for making continuation bets without thinking them through.