HORSE Requires a lot of Patience

Many regard it as the next natural step in their evolutions as poker players, but most are simply lying to themselves by overestimating their abilities. What makes HORSE so difficult is the fact that it is a combination of equally demanding poker games, and the difference between each type is considerable.

HORSE should be primarily regarded as an entertainment rather than a lucrative career, and even professionals admit that players should focus on beating one game at a time. If you are to follow this advice, it might take years until you will turn from a good Texas hold’em or Omaha player into an all-around expert in HORSE. For the time being, nothing prevents players from enjoying this combination of games, but playing online is the right thing to do.

Casinos are populated by players who prefer the more popular Texas hold 'em and one will find very few rookies at a HORSE table. Instead of playing against sharks and losing your money before you get the chance to learn the game well enough, it is recommended to experience the thrills of HORSE online. At the virtual poker tables you can take your time and whenever you have doubts about how this game is supposed to be played, a simple visit at will deliver answers.

It’s all about limits when playing HORSE

It is a sad reality that many of those who play HORSE these days online are not really prepared for this game, in fact some of them lack the skills to dominate one of the five games that it includes. For many the transition is too steep and so is the learning curve, but they can help themselves by reading the articles available at Written in a visitor-friendly manner, the articles help beginners start on the right foot by explaining some of the basic yet most important concepts in HORSE.

First of all players should understand that this is a fixed limit game, and focus on the strategies that are suitable for this kind of poker. There are of course some exceptions, and the most notable one was the World Series of poker 2006 event when the final table was no limit hold’em. Players will try to outshine their opponents in a standard fixed limit game, and this applies to both live and online games of HORSE.

While this benefits to players who have made fixed limit Texas hold’em and Omaha their game of choice, it erects new obstacles for those who are used to playing the no limit variants. The rules of the game change on the go, because after a certain number of hands are played, the current game is replaced by the next in line. Things are slightly different online, when the transition from one game to another is triggered by a time-based schedule.