Tomorrow is a new day for Badugi

Being results oriented and evaluating your game depending on how much money you make is in theory a good thing, as long as you don't take individual outcomes as reference. Without being a game of luck, Badugi is not exact science and with three draws in every round there are plenty of occasions when chance can influence the result.

This means that it is possible to lose a poker session despite playing your A-game, and sometimes the downswing can last a couple of sessions. Don't jump to conclusions and assume that you must be doing something wrong and change your strategy, at least not until you have sufficient data to interpret. Badugi doesn't have a particularly steep learning curve, but from a point onwards only practice can improve your game. Instead of resorting to a trial and error system when going through a rough patch, check out and see what the experts have to say.

There is a good chance to find out that the losing streak was triggered by bad luck rather than poor plays, which means that dramatic changes in your games are not necessary. Understanding the mechanisms that triggered the losses is important but using past events to predict future outcomes is a mistake. If a certain draw didn't produce the results you expected, it doesn't automatically mean that the action itself is wrong.

Tomorrow is a new day for Badugi

If you are to become an all-around Badugi player and not let your poker career end before it truly begins, you need to learn how to survive downswings. These are inevitable regardless of how good a player is and the only difference is that the best ones endure them and learn invaluable lessons, while beginners are crushed by downswings. Sometimes they are triggered by bad beats, sometimes they are as unassuming as a string of mildly losing poker sessions, but the outcome is the same.

Those affected by a cruel downswing are unable to return to their winning ways regardless of how they play and many conclude that a radical change in strategy is needed. The first defensive measure against downswings is to set a stoploss limit, one that can vary between 40 and 60 big blinds in a single poker session. If you lose more than that, it is mandatory to sit out and cool down by reading articles about Badugi at instead of actually playing the game.

No matter how unsuccessful you might be one day, it is important to accept the fact that variance is the only constant in poker. Tomorrow is a new day for Badugi and the only way of breaking even after a losing session is by taking a break and accumulate theoretical knowledge, instead of chasing losses. Even if you determine that the downswing has roots in your game, the educational articles will provide you with practical solutions to break out from the funk.

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