Shoot multiple barrels like a pro

It usually begins with a premium hands being dealt, because these cards usually trigger a consistent bet pre-flop. Regardless of what comes on the first street, players are advised to make a continuation bet especially if they are in late position. While this is ABC poker that applies to the game of razz just as it does to Texas hold’em, things change dramatically if the hand is called by an opponent.

Knowing what to do on turn is essential if you don't want risking to become pot committed, something that can happen easily even in fixed limit games such as razz. By firing the second shot on the turn, players risk a reraise and if this happens their hands will be tied on the river. Understanding what kind of opponent they are dealing with will help players make an educated decision, and these abilities can only be honed by conducting research at and similar websites.

As a rule of the thumb, multiple barrels are a huge mistake against loose opponents because these guys are unlikely to fold their hands. In fact they are frequently testing the waters with a reraise and you wouldn't want your hands to escalate quickly. If you are using a tracking software, the data provided can help you realize whether firing another barrel is a good idea or if you should lay down your hand.

Calling down when playing razz

Razz is by definition a fixed limit type of poker, which means that concepts such as calling down are familiar to users who have a decent experience in playing this game. Basically this means that a player who holds a strong hand simply calls his opponent bet, with the intention of reaching a showdown. In order for such a move to be justified, the hand needs to carry some equity and in the game of Razz this is something that happens more often than in no limit poker.

It is highly debatable whether the concept can also be applied to no limit games, being them Omaha or Texas hold 'em. As far as razz players are concerned, mastering the calling down play is essential because the goal is to push the game as far as possible without scaring off the opponent. A hand is difficult to build and due to the fact that the hand can improve or become unusable on the flop and subsequent streets, one needs perfect timing.

Websites such as explain why it is very important for players to combine theoretical knowledge with practice if they are to master razz. Luck plays a role here as well, but it is less significant than the role played by chance in Texas hold 'em and Omaha. In most cases the player who knows how to play his hand from pre-flop to the last betting round is the one that will consistently beat the odds. For players in South Africa wanting to get in on the poker action, head over to for great advice.